MICOBION EMBL Course: Methods of Functional Genomics
Služby — 08.04.2019

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MICOBION EMBL Course: Methods of Functional Genomics

There will be several practical tutorials available during the course. All students are requested to take their laptops for the practical tutorials. They need to have a functional access to the eduroam network, however, in case of problem with that, there will be a free WiFi connection available.

We will greatly appreciate if persons interested in the Kim Reman's and Beate Neumann's Wednesday afternoon tutorials express their interest by writing to Martin Pospisek (martin@natur.cuni.cz) The number of participants of this two tutorials will be limited.

  • Kim Remans (EMBL): Afternoon practical tutorial on protein expression & purification
  • Beate Neumann (EMBL): Practical tutorial on siRNA design