Ročenka Ústavu molekulární genetiky AV ČR (2017-2019)
Služby — 16.06.2020

České centrum pro fenogenomiku

Ročenka Ústavu molekulární genetiky AV ČR (2017-2019)

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The three-year Scientific Report of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IMG) summarizes the most remarkable results and activities IMG achieved in the years 2017-2019.

In this period, scientific research continued in 28 research groups (21 in Krč, six in Vestec within the framework of project BIOCEV, and one in Dejvice) and four large national research infrastructures (Czech-BioImaging, CZ-OPENSCREEN, and ELIXIR CZ in Krč, and Czech Centre for Phenogenomics in Vestec). In the period 2017-2019, the number of IMG employees increased from 565 to 607. About twothirds of them worked in Krč and one third contributed to the project BIOCEV in Vestec; a minor part of employees worked in Dejvice and at the Koleč farm. The institute comprises 366 research scientists, including 121 Ph.D. students.

IMG Scientific Report for 2017-2019 is available HERE