Radislav Sedláček, an expert in deciphering the mouse genome, was awarded the F. Běhounek Prize
Services — 22.12.2022

The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics

Radislav Sedláček, an expert in deciphering the mouse genome, was awarded the F. Běhounek Prize

His team has already made some very promising discoveries: they have identified a new gene responsible for retinal degeneration, found the mechanism causing a rare skin disease called Netherton's syndrome, and elucidated the circumstances of tooth mineralisation. Radislav Sedláček from the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the CAS, an expert in genetically modified mouse models whose research may lead to breakthroughs in human medicine, is the new winner of the František Běhounek Prize as of 12 December 2022.

The prize, named in honour of the eminent Czech physicist, academic and writer František Běhounek, has been awarded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports since 2012. It is awarded to a scientist who, during the last five years, has contributed to the promotion and popularisation of his or her scientific field and to the spread of the Czech Republic's reputation in the European Research Area through his or her active and successful participation in European cooperation projects in the field of research, experimental development and innovation.

This year, Radislav Sedláček, the head of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics at the BIOCEV Centre, and Radim Filip, an expert in optics and optoelectronics from Palacký University in Olomouc, shared the award with a financial prize of CZK 250,000. The ceremony at which the laureates received the award from the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Vladimír Balas took place in the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on Monday 12 December 2022.

Radislav Sedláček is the head of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, which is located in the BIOCEV centre in Vestec near Prague. This year he received the František Běhounek Award from the Ministry of Education and Science.

Among the winners of the awards from previous years are Tomáš Jungwirth from the Institute of Physics of the CAS, Ladislav Kavan from the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS, Petr Pyšek and Jiří Komárek from the Institute of Botany of the CAS, Jiří Friml from the Biological Centre of the CAS and other prominent scientists.

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Source: BIOCEV / Czech Academy of Sciences