Media preparation and washing units

Media preparation and washing units

RNDr. Miroslava Alblová, Ph.D.

RNDr. Miroslava Alblová, Ph.D. — Laboratory head

The Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

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The washing unit is headed by Richard Kyselý, the Media preparation is run by the Protein Production Facility of the CMS BTU. The washing unit offers washing of laboratory glass and plastic, provides central washing of working clothing, GMO waste decontamination and elimination of hazardous waste.

The media preparation unit offers preparation of cultivation media and solutions for tissue culture, preparation of bacteriological media and plates, and preparation of “custom-made” solutions. Further, the unit offers vapour sterilization of solutions and vapour or hot-air sterilization of material, as well as dry ice supplies.

Both these units are located on the basement floor of building SO 001. The space is divided into two parts – briefly, to the “dirty” corridor, where dirty glass, clothing and waste for decontamination should be deposited, and the “clean” part, where the washed glass, sterile packed material, clean clothing, etc., is returned to the users.

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Hot-air sterilizer VENTICELL

Washing and disinfectant automated instrument MIELE

Osmomat GONOTEC 3000 Basic

Vapour sterilizers STERIVAP HP IL 9618

Water processing - Milli Q A+