COVID-19 testing for businesses
Services — 24.03.2021

Gene Core – Quantitative and digital PCR

COVID-19 testing for businesses

The Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences located in the BIOCEV Centre, together with the Faculty of Science, Charles University, offers regular COVID-19 testing for businesses. The test analyses a saliva sample using the PCR technology (testing for the direct presence of a virus’s genetic code in a sample) using certified test kits supplied by the Czech company DIANA Biotechnologies s.r.o. It is the most reliable method that does not require an unpleasant nasopharyngeal swab. It is very gentle and provides precise and reliable results.

The subjects collect the samples themselves without requiring the presence of a medical staff member. Employee testing can be ordered by an employer using the inquiry form. Test results are available no later than 24 hours on the next business day. The laboratory will send the result via a text message so that the test subject knows the result as soon as possible.

“The GeneCore laboratory at the Institute of Biotechnology, the Czech Academy of Sciences, is among the most modern facilities in the EU. The GeneCore team proved their testing capabilities one year ago at the outset of the pandemic when they joined in high-capacity testing for hospitals and senior citizens’ homes. I hope that this activity will significantly help to improve the situation in the Czech Republic,” says Prof. Bohdan Schneider, Director of the Institute of Biotechnology.

"Cooperation with an experienced team of virologists at Charles University has played a crucial role in launching high-capacity testing, quality control and management, and this exemplary cooperation will continue at the BIOCEV center," adds Prof. Jan Tachezy, Head of the BIOCEV - Cellular Biology and Virology research program.

For more information, please go to or contact: Petr Solil, BIOCEV Head of Communications and Spokesperson:, 774 727 98.1