Mechanisms for Transport of Proteins through Mitochondrial and Bacterial Membranes

Mechanisms for Transport of Proteins through Mitochondrial and Bacterial Membranes

Mgr. Pavel Doležal, Ph.D.

Mgr. Pavel Doležal, Ph.D. — Project head

The Faculty of Science of the Charles University

About us

Our lab studies the mitochondrial biogenesis and the protein transport across biological membranes.

In particular, we are interested in

  • the extremely reduced mitochondrial forms known as mitosomes and hydrogenosomes,
  • protein transport across mitochondrial and bacterial membranes. Our general goal is
  • to understand the events, which enabled the transformation of the bacterial endosymbiont into mitochondria.





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Mgr. Pavel Doležal, Ph.D. Mgr. Pavel Doležal, Ph.D.

Pavel Doležal, Ph.D.

Head of Group Mechanisms for Transport of Proteins through Mitochondrial and Bacterial Membranes
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