The support of the SIC Welcome Office was fundamental for me, said Pablo Laiz, a Spanish scientist from the Institute of Botany
Education — 14.05.2021

Welcome Office

The support of the SIC Welcome Office was fundamental for me, said Pablo Laiz, a Spanish scientist from the Institute of Botany

Welcome Office of the Central Bohemian Innovation Center helps foreign researchers before and after their arrival to the region. Thanks to this service, Pablo Laiz from Spain started his 6 months internship at the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Průhonice in the beginning of May.

Pablo Laiz

Why did you choose a career opportunity in the Czech Republic? Was it based on a recommendation from someone or was it a random choice?

I have never been to the Czech Republic before, but it has been always a country that has attracted me. I think it is because of it being situated in the central Europe, its nature and its historical and cultural heritage. Apart from that, I have always been told that Czechs were very friendly and nice people, all the people I know, who has been here, returned back home very glad and satisfied. Besides, I have the impression that this is a very dynamic country and eager to progress.

You work as a forest engineer. What does it include and what projects will you work on at the Institute of Botany?

Well, as a forest engineer, my work has been quite variable, from field work including inventories or tree marking to office work including monitoring forest fires extinction operations, drawing up a plan for the adaptation and mitigation to climate change of a Spanish province or working at a university research group improving a forest fire spread simulator. Now in Průhonice, I am going to do research analysing field work data of the bark beetle outbreaks that take place both in the National Park Sumava and the National Park Bohemian Switzerland, focusing on forest regeneration after these large-scale disturbances. In addition to that, I will participate in field work tasks related to microclimatic measurements. I think this variety of fields you can work on as a forest engineer is one of the most attractive features of the profession, as well as the chance to work outdoors, many times in awesome places. Besides, of course, there is the fact of the reward for working on understanding nature and improving our relationship with it.

How important was the support from our Welcome Office for the beginning of your life and career in the Central Bohemian Region?

The support of the Welcome Office was fundamental in order to get me here. The Welcome Office got me in touch with the institutions in the Central Bohemian Region which could have been interesting for me and arranged the interviews. Besides, they have always provided me with support in every aspect regarding my departure from Spain and arrival and stay in the Czech Republic these first days, so I am totally grateful.

Source: SIC