Prof. RNDr. Jan Tachezy, Ph.D.

Prof. RNDr. Jan Tachezy, Ph.D. — Project head

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Excellent project of the BIOCEV center to foster cooperation with foreign partners

The main goal of the proposed project MiCoBion (Microbial Communities in Biomedical and Environmental Areas, and Systems Biology) is to strengthen scientific excellence and innovation capacity at Charles University and its Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center (CUNI-BIOCEV) via collaboration with Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), and University Paris Diderot-Institute Jacques Monod (UPDiderot-IJM) in the field of high throughput molecular profiling of biological systems that will foster innovative research of complex microbial communities and their impact on health and environment.

This research area includes the analysis of viromes, eukaryotic and bacterial microbioms, and selected defined model microbial communities to tackle challenges such as discovery of new pathogens (viruses), identification of new biomarkers for disease, drug targets and their applications.

The research of complex microbial communities is based on three pillars:

  • excellent knowledge in microbiology
  • high throughput technologies that generate voluminous datasets
  • computation of these “big data”.

Strength of CUNI is an excellent knowledge of microbial systems important for human and animal health, and environmental issues. Weakness is the research capacity in analysis of “big data”, limited experience in innovative research and technology transfer. Thus, twinning activities will be focused on promotion of knowledge and research capacity of a multidisciplinary team at CUNI in the defined area of bioinformatics, implementing cutting edge multiomics technologies, and establishing a pipeline from an excellent basic research to high value-added applications.

Activities include exchange of scientists, joint supervision of young scientist, organization of seminars and lectures, participation in EMBL and CUNI courses, and dissemination in scientific community, industries and public. The project aim will be achieved via a complementary expertise of EU leading partners, which will reinforce an excellent research and competitiveness of CUNI.

 “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 810224”



Prof. RNDr. Jan Tachezy, Ph.D.

Prof. RNDr.
Jan Tachezy, Ph.D.

Vice-Chairman of the Board, Co-ordinator of Cellular Biology and Virology Research Programme

prof. Jean-Michel Camadro

Jean-Michel Camadro

Université Paris Diderot, Institut Jacques Monod

Mgr. Pavel Doležal, Ph.D.

Pavel Doležal, Ph.D.

Head of Group Mechanisms for Transport of Proteins through Mitochondrial and Bacterial Membranes

+420325873945, +420325873909
RNDr. Vladimír Beneš, CSc.

Vladimír Beneš, CSc.

Head of Genomics Core Facility - EMBL
Member of General Assambly - MICOBION project

prof. Marc Van Ranst

Marc Van Ranst

Full professor (part-time) Faculty of Medicine
Department chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Member of Divisie Leuven Universitair Vaccinologie Centrum
Catholic University in Leuven, Laboratory of Clinical Virology

doc. Mgr. Vladimír Hampl, Ph.D.

doc. Mgr.
Vladimír Hampl, Ph.D.

Head of Group Genomics of Eukaryotes and Lateral Gene Transfer

+420325873911, +420325873952
prof. Pier Luigi Fiori

Pier Luigi Fiori

Member of External Advisory Board

Prof. Mark Field

Mark Field

Member of External Advisory Board

Prof. Staffan Svärd, PhD.

Staffan Svärd, PhD.

Member of External Advisory Board

Mgr. Petr Solil

Petr Solil

Head of Communications and Spokesperson

Ing. Věra Rokytková, Ph.D.

Věra Rokytková, Ph.D.

Prof. RNDr. Zdena Palková, CSc.

Prof. RNDr.
Zdena Palková, CSc.

Group Leader, Member of the BIOCEV Board

+420325873933, +420325873929
RNDr. Róbert Šuťák, Ph.D.

Róbert Šuťák, Ph.D.

Head of Group Uptake and Intracellular Metabolism of Metals

+420325873910, +420325873944
RNDr. Ruth Tachezy, Ph.D.

Ruth Tachezy, Ph.D.

head of group Identification of Goals for Diagnostics and Therapy of Tumour Diseases Associated with Human Viruses

Doc. Mgr. Pavel Stopka, Ph.D.

Doc. Mgr.
Pavel Stopka, Ph.D.

Head of Group Lipocalins in Modulation of Mammalian Reproduction