Minister Helena Langšádlová visited BIOCEV
News — 07.10.2022

Minister Helena Langšádlová visited BIOCEV

Minister for Science, Research and Innovation Helena Langšádlová visited the BIOCEV research centre today.

Minister was welcomed by the Scientific Director Prof. Pavel Martásek and representatives of five BIOCEV research programmes at the joint facility of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Vestec.

"I consider the linking of cutting-edge science, quality education and cooperation with the application sphere to be a key prerequisite for the development of our research potential and building a high added value economy. I am glad that the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University are successfully cooperating within the BIOCEV project," says Helena Langšádlová, Minister of Science, Research and Innovation.

Pavel Martásek
Helena Langšádlová and Tomáš Stopka (right)

After an introductory presentation of the Centre, its scientific activities and successful outputs, a substantive and very open discussion followed on, among other things, the financing of large research infrastructures, research priorities, the role of private capital in scientific research, energy prices, the role of foreign cooperation and the transfer of scientific knowledge.

The Minister's visit also included an excursion to two laboratories. Molecular Therapy of Cancer, led by Prof. Jiří Neužil, who is behind the discovery of a new anti-cancer substance MitoTam, and the Laboratory of Haemato-oncology of Prof. Tomáš Stopka. His group has recently come up with a new approach in the treatment of acute leukaemia.

"We see the visit of the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation as a clear signal of support for our scientific activities. In times of crisis, knowledge, science and technology have always played an important and decisive role in the way out of difficult situations," says Prof. Pavel Martásek, Scientific Director of the BIOCEV Centre. 

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