Educate, not kill
News — 29.04.2024

Educate, not kill

The prestigious journal Trends in Molecular Medicine has just published a review article by Aneta Škarková from the laboratory of Assoc. Daniel Rosel and Prof. Jan Brábek (Faculty of Science Charles University / BIOCEV) and colleagues, describing new approaches to cancer treatment that do not lead to proliferative advantage and subsequent predominance of resistant cells - a common cause of failure of prevailing therapies targeting proliferation or survival of cancer cells.

These approaches are linked by their educational nature - instead of killing cancer cells, they are about 're-educating' them to behave in a non-malignant way.

"We are convinced that more frequent use of "educational" cancer treatment strategies will lead to further significant increase in the effectiveness of anti-cancer treatment. Our laboratory will actively participate in this effort, particularly through our ongoing work on the development of migrastatic therapies," said Jan Brábek.

Link to publication: Educate, not kill: treating cancer without triggering its defenses - ScienceDirect

This work was funded by the National Cancer Institute: Národní ústav pro výzkum rakoviny


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