Faculty of Science CUNI participates in the international project DURABLE
News — 15.05.2023

Faculty of Science CUNI participates in the international project DURABLE

DURABLE (Delivering a Unified Research Alliance of Biomedical and public health Laboratories against Epidemics) is a research project running from February 1, 2023, to January 31, 2027, aimed at addressing the increasing outbreaks of infectious diseases through a unified and coordinated approach.

It establishes a strong network of world-class research institutes and public health centers across Europe to provide high-quality scientific information in record time, supporting decision-making in response to cross-border health threats. DURABLE focuses on diagnostics, research, preparedness, and response, aiming to develop methods for threat identification, integrate and analyze data for public health decision making, and conduct targeted studies for evidence gathering in response to alerts.

About the project

Project period: 1/2/2023 – 31/1/2027

Outbreaks of infectious diseases are increasing due to multiple local and global interaction changes disrupting the fragile balance of the complex human-animal-environment ecosystem. The increased frequency and complexity of health threats require a different, unified form of preparedness and a coordinated, fast, reliable and effective emergency response.

DURABLE is a tailored solution to this recognised need - a strong network of world-class basic and translational research institutes and public health centres across Europe with an outstanding track record in public health support with global reach. DURABLE aims to provide high-quality scientific information in record time to support HERA’s decision-making in preparing for and responding to cross-border health threats and assessing the impact of countermeasures. 

DURABLE in figures

DURABLE will coordinate a global collaboration, from pathogen detection, evolutionary analysis and threat characterisation, with One Health approach, to data and information collection and sharing, for optimal threat response. DURABLE is a unique multidisciplinary consortium with complementary expertise to meet this challenge and build productive interactions with HERA and other stakeholders. 

Due to their outstanding track record and experience in the field, the DURABLE consortium is competent from day one. DURABLE will develop and validate a roadmap for rapid deployment of key countermeasures, test the robustness of the network, and assess key aspects of its emergency mode when simula¬ting or dealing with identified threats. Additionally, DURABLE will focus on long-term sustainability by focusing on capacity building, training the next generation of researchers and developing pandemic preparedness training modules for the network and beyond.

More info about project HERE

DURABLE is co-funded by the European Union.
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