I was led to science by a birthday present
Research — 14.06.2022

Leukocyte motility

I was led to science by a birthday present

Eliška Miková is working on her PhD in the Laboratory of Leukocyte Motility led by Miroslav Hons (1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in the BIOCEV centre). Recently, she scored at the 23rd Student Scientific Conference of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University when she won the audience poll with her poster Imaging the membrane tension in lymphocyte migration.

Can you tell us more about the theme of the winning poster?

My thesis is focused on the mechanobiology of lymphocyte motility. My poster focused on imaging the changes in membrane tension during lymphocyte migration using fluorescent lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM). Membrane tension might play a role in the establishment of cell polarity and the preliminary FLIM data show that cells establish a front to rear membrane tension gradient when morphologically polarized. 

What do you do in the BIOCEV centre?

I am working on my Ph.D. in the Lab of Leukocyte Motility led by Miroslav Hons. We use artificial environments to provide cells with defined mechanical input. Our lab is trying to elucidate how lymphocytes recognize mechanical signals and we aim to identify signaling pathways involved in lymphocyte mechanobiology. We employ a number of microscopy methods to study cytoskeleton ultrastructure changes during migration and I am working on the FLIM imaging of the membrane tension.

Picture: Naive T cell polarized with CCL19

What do you enjoy about your work?

I enjoy the daily encounter with other Ph.D. students from different labs. Our lab also greatly benefits from the well-equipped Imaging Methods Core Facility since most of our work is done using microscopes (multiple actually). I also appreciate the patience and helpfulness of the IMCF staff.

When did you become interested in science?

I grew up in a medicinal environment, so I was always close to biology. I think it was decided when I got a microscope for my 10th birthday and spend most of my days studying the lice that I found on my head. I enjoy science because you get to explore and use your imagination to work out your scientific problem and do something a little different every day you come to work

What are your other hobbies besides science?

Outside the lab, I enjoy reading, going on hikes, running, getting a beer, and singing in a choir.

Thank you and good luck!

Author: Lauren Marlier, Communication and PR Intern at BIOCEV | Student at North Carolina State University


Take a look at the winning poster by Eliška Miková HERE

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