Springer-Verlag publishes second edition of BIOCEV researcher prof. Jan Tachezy's book
Projects — 12.12.2019


Springer-Verlag publishes second edition of BIOCEV researcher prof. Jan Tachezy's book

Hydrogenosomes and Mitosomes: Mitochondria of Anaerobic Eukaryotes will have new updates in its 2019 second edition.

The original Springer-Verlag edition of prof. Jan Tachezy's (Faculty of Science CUNI - BIOCEV) book was published in 2008, covering evolution, biogenesis, structure, and function of unusual forms of mitochondria in anaerobic eukaryotes. Thanks to a successful first edition and reader interest, a second edition has been published. The new updated edition will now contain more comprehensive information particularly on biochemistry of hydrogenosomes and mitosomes. In addition expanded information has been added with regards to new discoveries of various forms of mitochondrion-derived organelles in unicellular eukaryotes (protists) that are adapted to anaerobiosis to various extend and that changed our text-book viewing of mitochondria to the organelles with unexpected functional versatility.

Additionally, the second publication will give scientists interested in biology as well as specialists contemporary information on evolution of the eukaryotic cell,  acquisition of mitochondria in evolutionary context and their complete loss in some contemporary protists. It may also serve as a resource for researchers interested in organelles as possible target for chemotherapy.

The book is a compendium of chapters written by broad collective of world experts in the field including contributions from BIOCEV researchers in chapters: "Protein Import into Hydrogenosomes and Mitosomes" by Pavel Dolezal, Abhijith Makki and Sabrina D. Dyall, "The Proteome of T. vaginalis Hydrogenosomes" by Petr Rada and Jan Tachezy, "Mitosomes in Parasitic Protists" by Jan Tachezy and Ondřej Šmíd, "Organisms Without Mitochondria, How It May Happen?" by Vladimír Hampl, and "Metabolism of Trichomonad Hydrogenosomes" by Ivan Hrdý, Jan Tachezy, Miklós Müller.

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