Interview with Gabriela Pavlínková ČT24
Research — 18.10.2018

Molecular pathogenetics

Interview with Gabriela Pavlínková ČT24

12/18/2017 - The head of Laboratory of Molecular Pathogenetics, G. Pavlínková, together with the head of the IBT CAS J. Pěknicová took part in an interview for ČT24 to discuss the impact of diabetes on specific changes in male reproductive organs. The discussion follows the results of collaboration between Laboratory of Molecular Pathogenetics and Reproductive Biology.

Unfortunately the video is in czech language only, with no subtitles.

An Interview with G.Pavlínková - ČT24

(interview beginning - 17:08)


You can find the result of the collaboration with the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology in publication below:

Transgenerational inheritance of susceptibility to diabetes-induced male subfertility