The results of our work in the media
Research — 15.03.2021

Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry

The results of our work in the media

The report on the formulation of the active substance developed by our team is provided by the website and commented by prof. Jan Konavlinka in Interview ČT24.

The Medicinal Chemistry Group has long focused on the design and development of new drugs. We have developed a unique formulation of the active substance, which will be used for nebulization (inhalation) applications against viral diseases. The formulation itself is currently in the preclinical evaluation phase. In the next steps of clinical development, our team cooperates with a wide group of experts, such as prof. MUDr. Martina Vašáková from Thomayer University Hospital.

The report was brought by the website in the article and commented briefly by prof. Jan Konvalinka in Interview ČT24 in time 24:50