Stem cells in epidermis and their use in tissue engineering

Stem cells in epidermis and their use in tissue engineering

Prof. MUDr. Karel Smetana, DrSc.

Prof. MUDr. Karel Smetana, DrSc. — Project head

1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University

About us

The project is aimed at studying possibilities of epidermal stem cell isolation. The epidermal stem cells and the multipotent neural crest originated stem cells represent the most easily accessible stem cells in human body. The in vitro propagation and controlled differentiation will be investigated too.

Our interest is focused predominantly on study of the microenvironment of these cells under physiological and pathological conditions (cancer) that is necessary for their expansion in vitro.


Research Objectives:

  • Development of separation and cultivation methods for the preparation of stem cells from the human epidermis
  • Methods of the characterization and differentiation of the obtained cell types
  • Study of the influence of the microenvironment on the stem cells function and their differentiation
  • Development of the new clinical applications

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Prof. MUDr. Karel Smetana, DrSc. Prof. MUDr. Karel Smetana, DrSc.

Prof. MUDr.
Karel Smetana, DrSc.

Head of Group Stem Cells in Epidermis and Their Application in Cell Therapy
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