Kateřina Veselá won the Josef Hlávka Award
News — 23.11.2022

Kateřina Veselá won the Josef Hlávka Award

Ing. Kateřina Veselá from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in the BIOCEV Centre received the Josef Hlávka Award on 16 November 2022. "Nadace Nadání", the oldest Czech foundation supports outstanding students and graduates of Czech public universities and young talented employees of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Kateřina Veselá is engaged in the study and design of new anti-cancer drugs from the perspective of medicinal chemistry.

Kateřina is a student of the PhD program Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry, the results of her work have already been published in a number of prestigious journals and currently have 14 citations. She was awarded a Neuron Foundation fellowship at Tel Aviv University. She is dedicated to her studies, to her colleagues in the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry and to her collaboration within an international scientific team.

Her scientific work focuses on the study and design of new anticancer drugs from the perspective of medicinal chemistry as novel molecular structures with theranostic effect. The goal is to molecularly design and study compounds combining both cytostatic and migratory effects and to design a nano drug delivery system to deliver these drugs in a targeted manner to the tumor site. The student has designed very original molecular systems. In the course of her work, she introduced several completely new laboratory approaches and methods for analyzing molecular structures. Although she is still in her first year, she is achieving impressive results, collaborating on some of the research grants that the Medicinal Chemistry group is addressing.

"I feel proud and excited to see so many exceptional students from Charles University receiving awards today. Despite the challenging covid period, they have not relented, on the contrary, the recognition in the form of the Josef Hlávka Awards rightly belongs to them. I keep my fingers crossed for all of them - both those who have been awarded today and those who have yet to achieve their first small and big successes - and I sincerely wish them all the best. I wish them not to get lost on their dream journey and not to be tempted by possible small losses and failures. After all, only these - as we more experienced and reality-blinded people already know - can make them go on working and making further discoveries. I believe that they will appreciate the prize and it will become an incentive for them to continue their efforts for the benefit of our science and education," said Associate Professor Markéta Martínková, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs of Charles University, who attended the ceremony.

Source: Charles University

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