Postdoctoral Fellow - Basic Tumor Biology of Lymphomas

Postdoctoral Fellow - Basic Tumor Biology of Lymphomas

Our laboratory focuses on basic tumor biology of lymphomas (malignant tumors derived in majority from B-lymphocytes) with close relation to the basic biology of B-cells. Our laboratory has expertise in general molecular biology and cell culture techniques as well as genomic applications, flow cytometry or advanced methods like super-resolution microscopy, targeted genomic modifications, or Förster resonance energy transfer based biosensors.

Project: Circulating tumor DNA as a diagnostic and therapy prediction tool.

The standard treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL) is still based on a non-specific and highly toxic chemotherapy combinations over 40 years old. Therefore, there is a great need for better understanding of lymphoma tumorigenesis and better stratification of patients. A novel technique to analyze cancer genome is next generation sequencing of circulating tumor DNA. In collaboration with the Department of Hematology of General University Hospital, we have just started a project of sequencing and analysis of lymphoma associated genetic alterations from circulating tumor DNA and characterization of their biological impact. This approach could provide better patient stratification to personalized treatment as well as provide better estimation of treatment response or treatment resistance development.

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We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate who is interested in basic and translational tumor biology research and is willing to learn a wide spectrum of advanced research methods.

We offer

We offer position in a young and dynamic research group with established international collaborations working within the state of the art BIOCEV institute with its exceptional core resources and equipment.



Position is available with competitive salary based on performance and one-year extendable contract.

Applicants are encouraged to provide a short CV in English to

Job commencement: Position is currently available
Deadline: 01.09.2021

MUDr. Ondřej Havránek, Ph.D.