BIOCEV supports Ukraine
Press Releases — 28.02.2022

BIOCEV supports Ukraine

BIOCEV joins the declaration of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University. Any violation of international law and peaceful coexistence between nations is unacceptable to us. We therefore condemn the military aggression against Ukraine and express our support for it to remain a fully free and sovereign state. Military aggression will have an impact on the lives of innocent people living in the affected areas. Thousands of them will be forced to flee, and even those who remain in the affected areas will need help. Our efforts will be to support them.

Among the staff of the BIOCEV Centre there are also members of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic, who addressed a letter to their Russian colleagues: HERE

The institutions listed below, among many others, are focused on helping Ukraine and it is possible to contribute according to your own means:

Official statement of the Czech Academy of Sciences: HERE

Official statement of the Charles University: HERE




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