RNDr. Eduard Brynda, CSc.

RNDr. Eduard Brynda, CSc.

Member of BIOCEV Internal Scientific Board, Co-ordinator of research programme Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Head of the Department of Polymer Membranes at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR.

E. Brynda has long-term experience in basic research of interfaces between synthetic materials and biological media and interactions of synthetic materials with blood and cells, and in applied research focused on the applications of biomedical materials in tissue engineering, cardiovascular surgery, and biosensors gained during his employment in IMC since 1971, in Centre for Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair, Prague, CR since 2000, engagement at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA as a Visiting Associated Professor of Bioengineering 1988 and 1990, and during repeated one month - stays in Hahn-Meitner Institut Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany in 1991-93.

He has managed various national research projects associating several institutions, e.g., Controlled Immobilization of Interfacing Biomolecular Assemblies 2002-2004, Nanobiotechnology for creation of interfaces between biological media and artificial entities 2005-2007, Surface plasmon biosensors and protein chips for medical diagnostics 2007-2011, and as a Czech partner of international projects, such as, Grating coupler biosensors (Project of Bilateral Cooperation between Czech Republic and Germany, 1997-1999), Membrane Coated Optical Grating Coupler Sensors (EUREKA EU 947 MEMOCS, 1995-1998), Blood Compatible Interfaces Based on Molecular Systems of Alternating Monolayers of Albumin and Heparin (PECO, BIOMED 1, Concerted Action HEART, EC 1995-1996.

He has utilized his extended knowledge in the field as a supervisor of PhD students at European Graduate College “Advanced Polymeric Materials, Preparation, Characterization, Application”, Dresden, Germany, 2000-2005, and a member of Expert Group on Mapping of Research and Development Excellence in Europe in the Areas of Life Sciences and Nanotechnologies, EC Brussels 2001-2003.

Recent publications


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