How cell communication affects psoriasis
News — 12.04.2022

How cell communication affects psoriasis

The College of the Dean of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University annually announces awards for excellent publications. Nominations are always given to papers that have been dedicated to the 1st Faculty of Medicine, published in a journal with an impact factor in the first disciplinary quartile according to Web of Science and whose first, corresponding or senior author is a scientist from the 1st Faculty of Medicine.

From the perspective of patients and clinical practice, this is research that has the potential to change medical thinking and treatments. It is now possible to watch presentations of the publications that were awarded at the end of last year on the Faculty's YouTube channel, directly by their authors, outstanding doctors and scientists of the 1st Faculty of Medicine. You can learn about current and essential findings in the field of care for diabetics, newborns or patients with psoriasis.

5th place

Communication between the cells of the immune system is essential for proper regulation of immunity. One of the main ways is through the production of cytokines that regulate the activation or inhibition of cellular responses to pathogens and infection. Cells communicate using signaling molecules, of which cytokines play a major role. For example, the cytokine IL-17 is essential for defense against yeast infections, but also plays a role in the development of psoriasis.

"We were interested in how these molecules work, how cells are activated and why they respond to a particular cytokine the way they do. We discovered a new regulatory system and described how it prevents the immune system from being over-activated and developing autoimmune diseases. In the future, this research could have therapeutic applications in the form of potentiating or inhibiting these molecules," explains Dr. Peter Dráber from Biocev 1, UK, senior author of the paper.

Source: 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Publication: Dráberová H, Janusova S, Knížková D, Šemberová T, Přibíková M, Ujević A, Harant K, Knapkova S, Hrdinka M, Fanfani V, Stracquadanio G, Drobek A, Ruppova K, Stepanek O, Dráber P. Systematic analysis of the IL-17 receptor signalosome reveals a robust regulatory feedback loop. The EMBO Journal. 2020;39(17):e104202.

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