Post-doctoral candidate in leukemia research

Post-doctoral candidate in leukemia research

CLIP Laboratories are integral part of the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. It is the largest pediatric oncology center in the Czech Republic with about 250 newly diagnosed patients per year. CLIP Laboratories are responsible for diagnostics and monitoring of disease progression and treatment efficacy of hematological malignancies. Besides diagnostics, CLIP conducts also internationally recognised research in the field of haematological diseases.

One particular interest in CLIP is to elucidate the role of cancer metabolism in leukemogenesis, progression of the disease and treatment. Previous work led by Dr. Starková underlined the significance of new findings in this area (Hermanova et al, Leukemia 2016; Hlozkova et al. BMC Cancer 2020; Hlozkova et al. Sci Rep 2022).

Current project is focused on deciphering the metabolic processes of resistant cells responsible for adverse effect to currently used treatment. In this study we are using PDX models, singlecell RNA sequencing, mass cytometry, bulk and spatial metabolic and proteomic tools and ex vivo drug

We are looking for a highly motivated, pro-active and skilled post-doctoral candidate interested inleukemia research.

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Nástup: January 2023, Duration: 3 years

Mgr. Jakub Rohlena, Ph.D.