Expert in data management and scientific programming

Expert in data management and scientific programming

The Centre of Molecular Structure (part of the Czech Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology) and of the European infrastructure Instruct-ERIC) participates in an EU Horizon 2020 project focused on provision of open access to biophysical techniques across Europe with a strong accent on definition of data standards and archival of biophysical data.

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We are looking for an expert in scientific programming with experience in scientific data processing for a European project focused on Standards for Data Archival and Exploitation.


  • University education with PhD degree in scientific computing, biophysics, biochemistry, structural biology, or computational chemistry
  • Proven experience in scientific programming or in-depth data processing/scripting in biophysical, biochemical or structural biology fields
  • Excellent communication skills and teamwork; documented previous teamwork experience
  • English, written and spoken, advanced level
  • Publication activity in the field
  • Readiness for high workload
  • Good repute


We offer attractive work connected to development of data management infrastructure for biophysical data in the frame of an international project at the Institute of Biotechnology in the center of excellence Biocev.

The main responsibility lies in definition of data standards and models for biophysical data, development of algorithms, design of user interface, and realization of a pilot database of biophysical data.

The person is expected to actively participate in multilateral international negotiations, to drive the tasks fulfillment in collaboration with the local international partners, and to present the results.



Send written applications including a motivation letter and a professional CV, either in printed or electronic form to address: Institute of Biotechnology, v. v. i., Prumyslova 595, 25250 Vestec, Czech Republic,

Nástup: 1st July 2021
Uzávěrka: 15.06.2021

Ing. Jan Dohnálek, Ph.D.