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OMICS Proteomics

About us

We offer complex proteome analysis and quantification on the latest generation of Mass spectrometry equipment–Thermo Orbitrap Fusion. We are able to quantify your sample on the whole proteome level using an untargeted approach or just a selected protein with a targeted analysis. The most common applications are: quantitative analysis of whole proteomes comparing, for example, treated and control samples, analysis of immunoprecipitated proteins and targeted quantification of selected peptides.

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  • Thermo Orbitrap Fusion with nano LC

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Our Services

  • Preparation of samples for analysis (we are able to prepare a sample for analysis from your tissue or cell line)
  • Proteomic analysis of your samples – identification and quantification of proteins (aproximately 4500 quantified proteins from the human cell line in a single injection)
  • Data analysis and basic statistical evaluation
  • Consultation about experimental designs and how to obtain the maximum amount of informationfrom your experiment



We are able to quantify your sample using different approaches – label free quantification, SILAC, isobaric tag quantification (iTRAQ), dimethyl labelling etc. We can also offer detection and quantification of various posttranslational modifications (PTMs), such as phosphorylation, acetylation or other PTMs. In addition to basic data analysis which is free for each sample, we can  perform more complex bioinformatic and statistical analysis or train your staff how to use proteomics software and how to interpret proteomic data.

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We will be your partner in your research efforts. Each analysis is consulted individually beforehand to perfectly meet your demands. All our services are available for everybody from the academic and non academic areas. We work in pay per analysis mode and we don’t demand co-authorship on your publications. In case of stable and long-term cooperation You can obtain an individualized price quote.