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Project BIOPOL

The Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague (IMC) is an academic institution focused primarily on fundamental research in polymer chemistry, polymer physics, and the physical chemistry of macromolecular systems. In addition, target oriented research is carried out towards development of new polymer materials for advanced technologies as well as for biomedical applications. The bioengineering and biomedical research is carried out in Center of Biomacromolecular and Bioanalogous Systems of IMC and it follows current trends in research of biomedical polymers, in particularly polymer biomaterials and bio-macromolecular systems for drug delivery and diagnostics.

To strengthen its biomedical and bioengineering research, IMC applied for project BIOPOL (Biopolymer Postdoc Laboratory and Education Centre), which is funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic with the participation of the European Union funds.

The main objective of the BIOPOL project is to form the cores of the newly emerging research teams that will deal with research projects in the field of biomedicinal applications of polymer materials in medicine.

The partial objectives of the project BIOPOL:

Creation of scientific teams

The primary task of the project is to acquire promising young researchers in order to create well-structured cores for the ambitious scientific team for the project BIOCEV (Biotechnology and Biomedical Centre of Charles University and Academy of Sciences in Vestec). The successful applicants will work on particular scientific topics under the supervising of project mentors, but also will actively participate in scientific training of other BIOPOL team members as well as members of BIOCEV partners in the latest trends in polymer science via lectures and seminars related to the scientific scope of the research groups.

Intersectoral mobility

The linking of emerging scientific teams with other scientific institutions, universities and/or private companies in biotechnology industry in the Czech Republic is an important tool to obtain an additional expertise arising out of the BIOPOL team, to share own experience and knowledge with other students and colleagues of the partners as well as to create new scientific co-operation projects.

Participation in international scientific networks

Participation of BIOPOL team members and trainees in international scientific networks will create a base for future cooperation and collaboration of BIOPOL and thus BIOCEV research teams with prestige international scientific institutions. Short and medium-term stays of BIOPOL team members in selected foreign institutions are planned.  Short-term stays of foreign experts (lectures, seminars) in the Czech republic.

More information about BIOPOL project can be found here.